Meet Jeff Koss

Jeff KossAs a former engineer in industrial control systems working with companies across the country, Jeff  Koss brings a dynamic understanding to body mechanics. Jeff is a New York State licensed massage therapist with a specialty in pain management, body movement (kinesiology) and therapeutic bodywork. He is a highly experienced clinician who also works with people on establishing fitness goals and coordinating personal programs. This experience was acquired through Jeff’s previous practice as a certified personal trainer and instructor at the Center of Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy.

What sets Jeff’s therapy apart from other regional massage therapists is his method for evaluating a patient, applying massage techniques and teaching ongoing healthy practices.

Jeff has a broad client base and enjoys working with individuals of all ages, taking a special interest in individual treatment plans. Additionally, during the past 20 years, he has worked with individuals, professional athletes, runners, high school and junior high athletes using practical movement training including whole body exercise and stretching.