Working with Jeff

What to expect at your first visit 

Jeff’s techniques for working with each patient are as unique as the problems they bring to his practice. After a through assessment utilizing patient history, static and dynamic postural analysis, and the patients unique desires and/or goals, Jeff will devise, design and create a treatment plan to meet the patient’s needs.

The plan can vary from pain relief of tissue injury, reduction of chronic inflammation, utilizing functional exercise to enhance healthy movement, or deep tissue massage for relaxation and stress relief.


Traditional Massage and Bodywork

Massage therapy sessions are approximately 60 minutes and are $85.00 per session.

Functional Training

Working with various apparatus, Jeff will engage and develop muscles.  Not only solving the problem to your pain, but creating strength in your body for ongoing pain relief.

Jeff and John   Jeff and Kathleen

You will be asked to fill out a confidential health history form, which will guide Jeff in developing a treatment plan.  If you would like to complete the form in advance of your visit, please download (PDF) and print the form to bring with you to your first visit.

The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable.  You will be asked to undress to your comfort level.  Often individuals will wear gym shorts and a t-shirt in order to do movement on mats.

Jeff and Eleonora